In order to provide our partners with fast, accurate service, we also carry out significant warehousing tasks. We store semi-finished and finished products for our partners on almost 2000 m2 with our latest SAP integrated storage identification, barcode product tracking, fixed and scrollable racking system.

For fast and efficient material handling, our company uses the most modern, environmentally friendly battery-operated material handling equipment in our warehouse. We have several gas-powered drays with heated cabs to meet your business-to-business and immediate deliveries needs. Using these we can provide an immediate logistics service to serve both our suppliers and our customers at the same time.

At our company, all raw materials, semi-finished and finished products are labeled with a bar code containing transaction details. In our warehouse, rigorous inventory level identification and item number / batch / unique package level inventory are implemented using mobile and touch screen terminals. The warehouse system is integrated into SAP’s enterprise management system to ensure real-time product tracking entirely.