porszorasbevezeto1_650x450Powder coating is the most advanced environmentally friendly surface treatment method for corrosion protection. Suitable for all metal surfaces, making it the coating that is most sought after in the metal, mechanical, food and healthcare industries. It provides excellent corrosion protection with a high quality aesthetic appearance and an endless range of colours.

The technology used by our company is well above the industry average. Our plant, completed in 2016, features the most modern and innovative processes. Our equipment offers a wide range of pretreatment solutions, tailored to our customers’ needs. From zirconium silane and phosphating to nano- and multi-steel technology, we offer our customers countless solutions. Our equipment is fully automatic, a central computer system controls the coordinated work of the various components. The central panel constantly monitors the set parameters and if necessary, intervenes to achieve perfect quality.

In addition, our trained workers perform chemical tests and examine other quality control parameters several times a day. All of our workers have learned the profession of coating, many of them have years of experience abroad and references from high quality companies.

Our technology consists of the equipments below:

  • Pre-treatment system


The pre-treatment unit consists of three pre-treatment cabinets installed side by side. Different technologies are used in each for the chemical cleaning of the raw materials and the application of the desired primer layer. Workpieces arriving on the automatic conveyor belt are chemically and hydromechanically degreased, rinsed with tap and ionic water and provided with the desired base coat.

The equipment consists of a tub, a superstructure and additional engineering units. The workpieces are pulled into the cab by an auxiliary chain, where the chemicals are applied continuously during spraying to ensure flawless quality.

The system is suitable for pre-treatment of various metal surfaces. For example, from carbon steel, through castings to aluminum, we can provide durable coatings on many metal surfaces.

  • Water separator furnace

porszorasvizleszarito3_650x450The drying of the work pieces following pre-treatment is done in the ware-drying unit. The furnace is a tactile, continuous system with a pneumatic door on both sides. Thanks to the furnace, the materials dry in a drip-free manner, thereby increasing the adhesion of the barrier layer and creating a durable base layer. With an output of 5,000 lm³/h and a temperature of up to 160 Celsius, the furnace allows feedstock from the pre-treatment unit to pass seamlessly into other parts of the technology, creating the perfect balance between quality and speed.

  • Powder blasting cabinets

porszorasporszorokabin4_650x450Designing our powder blast cabinet, we set high quality expectations for our system manufacturer. We consider environmental awareness important in all areas of our company, so we made no compromises here either. The cleanliness of the plant and the uncompromising quality of production were first identified as goals to be achieved. As expected, the powder blasting cabinet is equipped with 6 filter cartridges and air recirculation through additional filter bags, which ensures a high degree of purity of the painted products and prevents smudging between each color. In addition, it creates a clean working environment that makes our equipment suitable for paint coatings used in the medical industry.

Our company works with world-class Wagner painting equipment, which allows us to perfectly adapt to the requirements of the thickness, material quality and material structure of different workpieces.

The spray gun is supplied directly from the box containing the powder paint. The advantage of that is quick color change and easy cleaning. Dust effusing out of the gun is electrostatically charged by a multiplier and electrode, resulting in a strong electrostatic field between the gun nozzle and the grounded workpiece. The powder thus filled and discharged adheres perfectly to the workpiece surface until the time of burning.

  • Burning ovens


The powder paint applied to the workpieces is burned in the annealing furnace. The annealing is carried out at a high temperature, where the internal ventilation technology allows a uniform heat distribution within the furnace. This ensures perfect and fast annealing of the products. During the burning process, the previously applied powder paint first polymerizes and spreads evenly on the surface, and then hardens on the surface as a result of increasing heat to form a completely sealed coating on the product. Our furnace has a capacity of 3100/3100/1800, in which we are able to burn a multitude of products of various sizes and volumes at the same time, within the capabilities of the three conveyors. Both of our furnaces are computer controlled, on which we can program the amount of airflow, even in several stages, consistent and constant temperature, and the times required by paint manufacturers. Thus we avoid under-burned and over-burned workpieces. Our furnace is certified by renowned paint suppliers and is therefore capable of fully meeting manufacturer’s warranties.

You can find the data and rating of our furnace under Downloads.

  • Material forwarding system, conveyor


The workpieces can be hung on a workpiece support beam. The beams are pushed to the correct position on a conveyor track equipped with circular switches. The advantage of a circular path is that the workpiece can be stored along the entire path. The switches are moved by pneumatic cylinders, which can be actuated by manual push buttons.

The conveyor is fully automatic with the help of an auxiliary chain at the pre-treatment unit and at the blast cabinet, physical intervention is not necessary. The material delivered in this way, thanks to its constant speed (which can also be customized), reaches the end of the technological chain undamaged and in a controlled environment.

At the beginning and end of the conveyor, our material handling system has sufficient reserves. At these locations we ensure quality acceptance and visual inspection of the materials delivered and products finished.
After the final inspection, we carefully pack our completed works so that our customers will experience the same enjoyment as we did when we could give them colour and life.

Materials used

High quality can only be achieved by using world-class ingredients. Our company uses only the products of leading paint and chemical manufacturers during the production of its coatings, since high-quality technology can only be served properly by these materials, ensuring durable surfaces. The satisfaction of our key partners is important to us, so we are constantly looking for the best suppliers available in order to provide our customers with uncompromising quality products.


Through our international suppliers, we can meet the real and delitescent needs imagined by our customer. RAL and Pantone ranges are available in any colours, from fine texture to coarser finishes. Depending on the quality of the material, our powder inks allow you to achieve perfect annealing at temperatures of up to 140-150 Celsius on certain surfaces, but we also have powder inks that can withstand temperatures of up to 210-220 Celsius without damaging the surface. This high degree of maneuverability not only offers countless variations from an aesthetic point of view, but also allows the application of the most customized solutions to the material quality of the surfaces to be painted.


Using the products of American and German chemical manufacturers, we can create the most precise cleaning processes and a base coat that satisfies every need. This enables the coating of the supplied products to be durable. Our chemicals are constantly controlled and monitored daily by our computer system and our qualified colleagues. In addition, our chemical supplier reviews our pre-treatment chemicals twice a week and makes changes to them according to market needs. This way we guarantee the durable quality of the surfaces we have created for many years and its warranty conditions..