Traditional metal production

Our company is a contracted key supplier to a world-class medical product development and manufacturing company. We have been supplying mechatronic components and precision welded chassis to this company since 2012.

The annual amount of steel feedstock is up to 250 tons, the various parts produced in series are manufactured in more than 300 variants, and the production of precision parts exceeds 20,000 pieces.

Manufactured products must meet very strict quality and standard requirements for medical equipment, therefore welding seams must be stable and uncovered painted parts must be aesthetically pleasing, in most cases invisible.

In our new plant, opened in early 2019, our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art welding and grinding cabins with high purity requirements. Excellent working conditions are provided by our Kemper exhaust and air purification system, which meets the highest standards.

Innovative manufacturing technologies

Our company is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. We are convinced that we can only be competitive if we are always able to innovate and expand our activities in a way that fully meets the needs of our partners.

In this spirit, we began the construction of our new plant in 2018, which was completed in the beginning of 2019. In the new hall, we set up our metal sheet processing plant, equipped with state-of-the-art Trumpf machines. As a first step in our development, we acquired several advanced automated machines – in 2018, a fiber flat and tubular laser and a 100 ton edge bending machine, and in 2019 a 3D welding and laser cutting robot cells. In addition, we have purchased several smaller equipment to serve our partners as fully as possible.

The table below shows our free machine capacities

Sheet metal processing plant

Parameters: 2D laser cutting machine, with tube cutting function

Fiber laser cut of 3000 x 1500 steel sheets and steel tubes up to 6 m fibre length with 3kW laser power

TruLaser 3030

Parameters: bending machine
USER INTERFACE: Touchpoint TruBend

TruBend 5130

Parameters: bending machine

USER INTERFACE Multi-Touch control

TruBend 3100

Parameters: 3D-welding-and laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting, welding or laser deposition welding: process two or three-dimensional components or tubes

TruLaser Cell 7020

Parameters: pneumatic insertion machine

457mm throat depth up to M10 size in steel and up to M12 in case of softer materials


Parameters: hydraulic tapping machine

Hydraulic tapping machine M4-M45 (105-475 turn/min, 440Nm)

CMA tapping machine

Parameters: hydraulic profile and ring bending machine

Profile bending

Metalwork plant

Parameters: CO welding robot

FANUC Arc Mate 100iD/10L Robot and a Fronius TPS 400i digital inverter welding system

Motofil welding robot cell (MIG/MAG)

CO welding equipment, air cooling / AWI welding machine / manual plasma cutter /AWI welding machine, water cooling

Grinding stations with Kemper central exhaust system/ manual electric and pneumatic straight and angle grinding equipment

Belt sander / circular saw machine / belt cutting machine / hydro-pneumatic rivet nuts machine / column drill machine

Industry 4.0 solution

Innomechanika Ltd’s clear goal, opportunity and response to today’s fierce competition is growth. We consider it important to create an efficient organization that use large enterprise technologies and systems, but with significantly less bureaucracy and the flexibility of small businesses.

In 2018, we were among the first SMEs in Hungary to introduce an integrated enterprise resource planning and intelligent production management system that complies with INDUSRTY 4.0. In addition to the SAP Business One enterprise management module, our company also operates an integrated MES Pharis production management system and visual production planning program.

Our warehouse has storage location identification, barcode product tracking, production per workstation electronic reporting, PDC terminals, and objective data integration from production machines. The system provides real-time data to both our own production and our customers. A further advantage is that it forms a kind of self-learning system and, by monitoring previous production data, improves our iterative processes, thus efficiency.