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"Everybody knows that some things
are simply impossible until somebody,
who doesn't know that, makes them possible."

"The secret to enjoy the work you do
lies in one word: excellence.

Knowing how to do something prominently, one can find true joy in it right away."

"It matters not what we have,
but what we use it for."

We work at the forefront of technology and innovation to shape our customers’ ideas into excellent products.

Surface preparation

powder blasting

Precision metalwork

innovative technologies


logistical solutions

Property management

facility management

Our customers in focus!

The key to success is in the hand of our final users. We concentrate/focus on monitoring the needs of our target group with all our efforts to recognize and meet their needs. To live, think, feel and anticipate changes together is our key to the future. This way we can understand the needs of our customers and attain that our services and products are aligned with their expectations, even those that will only be formulated in the future. This is the essence of our long-term success.

Innovation for sustainability!

Our innovation skills and expanding technological and infrastructural development form the basis of our strategic improvement. This is the key to our long-term success. Creating new values with original ideas, technology and the striving for excellence.

Quality and good value for money!

Excellence in all areas of our business, serving our partners at a high level, providing good value for money with maximum customer satisfaction – this is our motto. The same quality expectations apply throughout the organization, from the management to employees.

Our employees are the engines of the company!

We continuously train our workers to meet the changing professional challenges at the highest standards. We support innovative ideas and work that aims to create new values. We believe it is important that the mission of our company is also the mission of all our employees, so that we can formulate our vision together and make it our own.

Supplier and partnership!

We strive to take advantage of the market opportunities in close collaboration with our business partners. Continuous and effective communication contributes to the learning, development and exchange of information between the partner companies and ours. What we see in our business partners is not competition, but the opportunity of working together so that we can all develop equally and achieve our goals together.

Work and Health protection!

The company considers health and safety to be an important element of corporate culture. Providing annual and, if necessary, renewed health and safety education demonstrates our commitment to work and health protection. It regularly discusses key issues and keeps up to date on legislative changes.

Responsibility for the environment, energy efficiency!

Sustainability is an essential part of the strategy of the Innomechanika Ltd. An important element of this is the environment-friendly management of natural resources, as the clear objective is to produce premium products using premium ecologically sound solutions.
As an energy-conscious company, we pay close attention on efficient energy use, which not only reduces our own costs, but also creates a more liveable environment for future generations.

Mission statement

We serve our partners by providing sustainable, continuously evolving, demand-driven, innovative technology and infrastructure, thereby contributing to our goal to focus on producing our market-leading products in the most effective and inspirational working environment possible.

„Our aim is to stand out from mediocrity with our quality, reliability and forward-looking technology.”


We are always open to new projects, big or small.

If you feel we can help your new project to be realized or should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to call our colleagues at +36 37 311 890, write an email or simply request a quote.